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Hand Cleaner

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Hand Cleaner
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Unit Size
15 Fl. Oz. Squeeze Bottle
Units Per Case

Product Description

Dynatex® All Purpose Hand Cleaner is a precisely formulated blend of surfactants, emulsifiers, and skin conditioners. The balanced mixture provides optimum cleaning potential for your hands without harshness or irritability. Removes grease, stains, paint, tars, printer’s ink, fish odors & more. Dynatex® All Purpose Hand Cleaner with lanolin is a creamy formula that liquefies and gently lifts grease, grime and stains from the hands safely with or without water. Leaves hands cleaned and conditioned without the greasy feeling and strong odors of competitive brands. It contains lanolin and skin care emollients to aid in healing rough, dry and overused hands.

Product Interchange Information

Dynatex # Permatex # Loctite # Loctite
After-Market #
53108 23116 Hand Cleaner w/ Lanolin Squeeze Bottle