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Industrial Abrasive Wipes

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Industrial Abrasive Wipes
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80 - 8X12 wipes
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Product Description

Dynatex® Industrial Abrasive Wipes clean paint (oil and water-based), adhesive, oil and more from hands, tools and surfaces. Effective up to 24 hours after application. To assist removal of dry paint, place wipe on spill for a few minutes to soften paint. ADHESIVES AND SEALANTS-Silicone, acrylic, fillers, poly adhesive, poly foam, epoxy, rubber cement and label residue. OIL BASED STAINS-Oil, grease, ink and more. GENERAL CLEANING-Ideal for stain and grease removal from most work surfaces. The dual-sided wipes have a pleasant scent with moisturizing formula to help keep hands from cracking.

Product Interchange Information

Dynatex # Permatex # Loctite # Loctite
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53104 25072 Dual Sided Abrasive Hand Wipes - Canister