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Ceramic Brake & Caliper Lube

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Ceramic Brake & Caliper Lube
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8 Oz. Brush Top Bottle
Units Per Case

Product Description

A high performance, high temperature, bentone thickened grease, which is compounded with graphite lubricants and corrosion fighting inhibitors. Contains solid additives that provide extreme pressure lubricating properties, to prevent galling and cold welding, while at the same time preventing water wash-out and galvanic pitting from electrolysis of road salt, acid rain or salt water. The particles present are inert and will not evaporate at extreme temperatures, and their heat-resistant qualities will prevent carbon fusion and seizure at temperatures approaching 1600°F. Does not contain lead, molybdenum disulfate or halogen compounds. Can be used on caliper pins, sleeves, bushings and pistons operating throughout the brake pad life.

Product Interchange Information

Dynatex # Permatex # Loctite # Loctite
After-Market #
49590 Brake & Caliper Lubricant Brush Top Bottle