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DynaPlus Fast Cure Gasket Maker

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DynaPlus Fast Cure Gasket Maker
Part Number
Unit Size
6.75 FL Oz. Automatic Can with Trigger
Units Per Case

Product Description

DynaPlus Fast Cure Gasket Maker is a "thicker" elastomeric rubber used by technicians to replace cut gaskets. DynaPlus is manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specs as well as being sensor safe. It was uniquely formulated to provide quicker cure times and excellent adhesion. Provides increased resistance to oil, water, anti-freeze, transmission fluid and many other shop fluids. It offers greater gasket "blowout" resistance and problems due to vibration. Use on valve covers, transmission pans, oil pump flanges, timing gear and differential covers and much more. Temperature resistant up to 500°F (260°C). "29208/85224 Permatex® Right Stuff® functional equivalent"

Product Interchange Information

Dynatex # Permatex # Loctite # Loctite
After-Market #
47206 85144 40478 37510 DynaPlus "Fast Cure" RTV Gasket Maker L/V Automatic Trigger Can