Dynatex Threadlocker Gel Pump outperforms leading gel and stick products in the marketplace! Stays where it is applied and will not run. Easy cleanup. Just wipe Nozzle with clean rag and close cap.

DynaPlus Fast Cure Gasket Maker is a non-slump, one-component, neutral curing silicone. This product was formulated to meet the demands of most automotive gasket applications. DynaPlus Fast Cure Gasket Maker dries to a tough, highly elastomeric rubber. It was uniquely formulated to provide quicker cure times and excellent adhesion.

Dynatex Ceramic Disc Brake Grease is fortified with a high concentration of a unique, high temperature ceramic boundary lubricant that will stay in place and protect at extreme temperatures from -50°F to over 3000°F, while providing protection against dirt, corrosion and uneven pad wear. It was designed to be compatible with most plastics and rubbers, especially ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM, EP or EPT), commonly used in Disc Brake Caliper systems. The Green color makes it easy to identify during and after application.

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Dynatex® is a major manufacturer and packager of automotive, heavy duty, fastening, industrial, and marine chemicals. Through our state of the art production processes, Dynatex® has the capability of meeting our customers’ specialized needs; No matter what the color, size or shape, Dynatex® has the ability to deliver. Dynatex® offers 48 hour turnaround on all incoming orders along with the best quality products available that conform to ISO Certified standards.

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